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Fan movie reviews


India Today

Understanding exactly what goes on in the mind of an obsessed fan or a troubled superstar is not easy. 'How can someone do this for a star?' is a question that has plagued a lot of us at several points in our lives. Maneesh Sharma and Shah Rukh Khan hand-delivers that mindscape - of both the fan and the star - on the screen. And brilliantly. Watch a slice of Gaurav's life this week. The post-Dilwale Shah Rukh deserves that. Read the complete movie review here.

Hindustan Times

It’s a total throwback to Shah Rukh Khan’s ‘90s avatars, but he once again shows how good he still is in that genre. Maneesh Sharma may look inspired from some Hollywood films, but overall he has managed an edge-of-the-seat thriller. As a whole, Fan delivers what it promised in the trailers. Logic may not be its strong point, but Shah Rukh most definitely is; he’s back in his elements after a long time. Watch it for him. Read the complete movie review here.

Indian Express

This is an out-and-out Shah Rukh Khan show, in which the star proves again, after a too-long gap, that he can greenlight roles completely out of his comfort zone, and deliver. It is what’s called a command performance. Read the complete movie review here.


What a triumphant return to form for an actor whose career has been lately beleaguered by sub-standard scripts and mediocre directors. Shah Rukh is in full command of both the characters. He gives both Aryan and Gaurav ample room to grow, grow apart and then clash in ways that shows what skilful scripting can do to a superstars yearning to excel. Read the complete movie review here.

Live Mint

It’s been a while since Khan did anything that involved the turning on of one personality, let alone two. Fan is a welcome correction. Gaurav, who carries in his voice the hurt of a jilted lover, is a fascinating creation, but Khan also plays Aryan beautifully as a wearier, warier version of himself. Read the complete movie review here.


Fan is delightful and dark in equal measures and the film would have been much better had it been infused with some realism, especially in the second half. But all said and done, if you are a die-hard Shah Rukh Khan, don't miss Fan this weekend. Read the complete movie review here.

The Guardian

It could be that Khan has taken inspiration from fan nightmares such as Scorsese’s King of Comedy or Stephen King’s Misery. By casting himself in both roles, Khan could have intended a complex satire of celebrity narcissism. Or he could just be, well, guilty of a fair bit of celebrity narcissism himself. Either way, it’s outrageous and enjoyably absurd. Read the complete movie review here.



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