Find the flame, hang the blame

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Find the flame, hang the blame


Whether it was the Hrithik - Susanne split, now Ranbir Katrina turbulence, Farhan Akhtar - Adhuna divorce or earlier Anurag Kashyap and Kalki separation, we are always keen to find a ‘reason’ for our stars to call it quits. Rather, more often than not, the ‘reason’ is always in the form of another ‘mysterious third person’ who is the catalyst in such scenarios.

In Hrithik Roshan and Susanne’s split, fingers had been pointed at Arjun Rampal, their close friend. Much muck had been raked over Susanne’s friendship with Rampal, which was also allegedly causing trouble in his marriage with Mehr. Not much could be substantiated at that point. We were, it seemed, desperate to find a plausible reason or a scapegoat for this adolescent love affair to have soured thus. And Hritihik’s dalliances with Barbara Mori were also brought into the equation.

Ditto for Anurag and Kalki. It was Huma Qureshi who was reportedly the reason for their breakup, though Kalki insisted it was just getting more and more difficult to deal with her husband’s mood swings and temper. But who cares about mood swings when you have a pretty ‘other woman’ in the midst?

And now with Ranbir and Katrina, the number of conspiracy theories that are doing the rounds mostly have female forms - Deepika and Alia. While Deepika and Ranbir’s undeniable and undying chemistry may or may not have made it difficult for Katrina to continue with the relationship. Alia Bhatt’s inclusion in the break-up brigade is just strange. That she and Ranbir are hitting it off may not have been reason enough for the star to call it quits with his girlfriend.

And now, with Farhan and Adhuna, it seems the media is trying hard to put a name and a face to the ‘reason’ yet again. While the unnamed AD who allegedly caught Farhan’s fancy a few years ago is being considered as one of the triggers, the other name is that of Aditi Rao Hydari. Apparently the deleted sex scenes between the two actors in Wazir caused a serious rift in the 14-year-old marriage.

While all of this is in the realm of speculation, one cannot but wonder if the media leaves any room for a deeper and mature understanding of why relationships that seem to have survived odds, crack so? Farhan and Adhuna for instance, seemed the mature, professional couple and whatever be the reason for their split, a steamy scene with a co-star seems preposterous for them to call it a day.

It is far more complex than that. Because unless any of the concerned parties actually come out and talk about it, it would not be correct to draw conclusion based on what we are fed by rival PR machinery and vested interests.

Ditto for Ranbir and Katrina.

It is a fact well knowm that Ranbir has had commitment issues. And that Katrina has been desperate for a sign -some sign- that her man is for keeps. But no one quite knows what was the proverbial last straw that broke the camel’s back. And until either of them speak up - the way they did inn widely circulated and well planned paid media interactions post the bikini picture fiasco - we can only keep guessing.

And that’s how we are. At the first hint of romance, we want our stars to get together. Once they are together, we want to know when they are getting married. And once they are married, we want them to have kids. It is almost as if we live out our fantasies through their lives. Vicarious pleasures?



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