Here’s What You Should Look Forward To From India And US’s Relationship In 2016

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Here’s What You Should Look Forward To From India And US’s Relationship In 2016


Being the two most powerful countries in the world, it would be quite interesting to figure out how their relations will further get in the future. According to former foreign secretary of India, Kanwal Sibal, India-US ties are directing in the right path. India and US ties have seen transformation in the recent years, which is best demonstrated with the newly declared international strategic partnership established between the two nations. Yet, what is the actual truth of the partnership by means of accomplishments on the ground? Also, what could be the future outlooks? For starters, the United States’ policy over Pakistan remains a troublesome issue. The aim of the two nations to progress regional security together is hindered by the continuation of US military help to Pakistan. This is accomplished through presidential waivers to combat the provisions of Kerry-Lugar legislations that necessitate Pakistan to function verifiably against the group of terrorists on its soil before the aid of US can be released.

Moreover, the US does not consider Taiban as terrorist organization. The United States is, in fact, engaged in an undying effort to accommodate Taliban politically in a Pakistan-brokered deal in Afghanistan, which is a great risk to security of India. It is hence risky to check how, in these situations, the counter-terrorism partnership deal between US and India can be defining one for the twenty first century. Barack Obama, the president of US affirmed that the US expected on a reformed security council, which includes India as permanent member. This was considered as a notable evolution in the US. However up to now, there is no clear definition from US about its position on the extension of UN Security Council, because of the fact that US openness to hope of India to be a permanent membership on council stays at a declaratory stage. In the earlier times, the US had no defense relations with India. Now, aside from the renewed defense framework agreement, the United States has turned out to be a bigger supplier of defense component to India and also the largest in the last few years, with agreements worth almost thirteen dollar billion.

When it comes to making strong the bilateral economic relations between two nations, developments have been mixed. For one particular thing, US businesses stay reluctant towards investments in India due to their hopes that the Government of India has not yet rendered on promises to simplify doing business in India, including the implementation of general economic amendments and taxation issues in the country. However, the IT field has brought upon the knowledge economies of US and India closer together and it comprises the firm link that Washington has with India’s innovation and modernization. Nevertheless, the US is unfortunately aiming this sector with greater costs as well as improved restrictions. There is much work need to be done ahead to make US-India relations a defining one in the future, but we are moving in the right direction.



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