OMG! After Reading This, You Will Want To Do Planks Everyday!


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OMG! After Reading This, You Will Want To Do Planks Everyday!



Good news for those of you who want a sick pack. Plank is one of those simple and effective exercises that tones up the rectus abdominis muscle and helps your six pack become more conspicuous. However you must be fit and toned for that. Those who have a flabby stomach must combine a bit of plank with a healthy diet and regular cardio exercises in order to burn the abdominal fat and start seeing the six pack soon.

Planks are also a good exercise for those who want slimmer arms. It helps in building your biceps and keeps the arm muscles fit and strong. For this you will have to hold yourself in the plank position for sixty seconds minimum. If you want to see better results, you should repeat this exercise at least three to four times every day. Apart from this, you must have a ten minute arm workout where you can lift some weights and try other exercises that can help you tone those arms easily.

A third benefit of planks is that it makes you a more flexible person. It will help the muscles in your shoulders, collarbone and shoulder blade area to expand and stretch so that the hamstrings and the arches of your feet and toes are more relaxed. In that way planks can easily boost flexibility and make you a fitter and healthier person. If you like doing yoga, this exercise will help you get even better with time.

Apart from giving you a six pack and flexibility, planks are also known for boosting metabolism. If you spend one to ten minutes on this exercise son a regular basis, you can expect the metabolic rate to stay high all day. It will also help you lose weight fast.

Whenever you are feeling stressed, take some time off your busy schedule to do some planks. Hold yourself tightly in that one position as you breathe in and out. This will clear your mind and help you stay stress free all day. By tensing your muscles, you will actually be able to fight emotional tension and boost concentration. It will act as a distraction and give you a better chance to focus on your mind, body and spirit.

If you have been sitting for a long time at work and the pressure is just getting to you, there is a huge chance that your lower back and muscles will begin to hurt. You can prevent this by doing planks every day. It will support the muscles in your body, protect your spine and help your body feel much better. Planks are also known for improving posture. It will remove headaches, neck pain and shoulder pain.

A final benefit of doing planks is that it will improve your mood and uplift your spirits. If you have been feeling weary or a bit tired, do some planks every day. It will actually make you a happier person. Also the thing with this exercise is that it is pretty easy to do. You don’t need any weights and neither do you have to put in too much effort. All you need is a little practise and that’s about it.



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