Kapil Sharma: I am not insecure; was only hurt when Comedy Nights was taken off from YouTube

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Kapil Sharma: I am not insecure; was only hurt when Comedy Nights was taken off from YouTube


Kapil Sharma is back and is raring to go with his new show titled The Kapil Sharma Show. The ace comedian, whose exit from Colors created much drama, is now looking forward to his new show and doesn't want the controversial closure of Comedy Nights With Kapil to marr his current mood. In an interaction with the press, we fired a few of our own salvos and Kapil opened up about things past, present and future. Excerpts from the conversation. (Read: The Kapil Sharma Show trailer: Kapil takes an auto with team, Sidhu flies away in the chopper)

Ques: Kapil, were you ever insecure about big stars appearing on Comedy Nights Bachao as Krushna Abhishek claimed?

Kapil: I used to stay in a small place at Mira Road earlier. Today, I have three to four flats and have an office in Mumbai will God's grace. I have received so much love from people. Why will I feel insecure? I am happy. I don't know what will happen in the next five years. I don't know what will happen in the next five minutes. I don't think so much. (PHOTOS: All you need to know about Kapil Sharma’s new show ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’)

Ques: What hurt you the most after the closure of Comedy Nights With Kapil - the digs taken at you or something else?

Kapil: I am only hurt by the fact that they (Colors) removed the show from YouTube. It had become a historical show. They shouldn't have removed it. Differences in opinions happen with everyone. Differences happen even in family between siblings. I was only hurt by them pulling out the entire show from YouTube. (Also read: Kapil Sharma wants to have Narendra Modi on his new show)

Ques: What exactly were the differences you had with Colors?

Kapil: Sir, many things happen. It was not just one thing. However, I don't want to delve into all those things now. I am looking forward to moving ahead in life.

Ques: Raj Nayak in an interview said that Kapil is a nice guy being misled by others around him. What is your take on the same?

Kapil: (Smiles) My team is great and I am proud of them.

Ques: The last episode was not completely shown...

Kapil: (Cuts in) I don't want to talk about that last episode. (In talks with Queen director Vikas Bahl for a film: Kapil Sharma)

Ques: You won't be able to use the characters of Gutthi, Daadi and others from CNWK in your new show. Going forward what precautions will you take to see to it that you have the freedom to use the characters you create in your new show even outside of it?

Kapil: Sir, I really don't understand this jhol (mischief). I don't understand why people do such kind of things. When I started doing Babaji ka Thullu, it became such a rage that it became imprinted on T-shirts, shoes and even packet of chips. When I went to Australia. I came across a website that was making Babaji ka Thullu printed T-shirts from 1000 rupees. Kaam koi kar raha hai aur paisa koi aur kama raha hai. But I have not copyrighted or patented anything. We make and distribute our creations.

Ques: But do you think it is right on the part of a channel to claim the ownership of these characters.

Kapil: How can they claim it only for themselves? We should have the freedom. Look at Gutthi's character. In North, many girls dress up like this. Will they claim patent over their looks? We draw these characters from our own society.

Ques: Talking about The Kapil Sharma Show, we hear SRK will be your first guest?

Kapil: Even I don't know. I read it on Twitter first. I guess the channel perhaps is in talks.

Ques: Did you personally invite him?

Kapil: I personally called Shah Rukh bhai but he didn't answer. Perhaps he was busy.



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