How to conduct short, effective business meetings

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How to conduct short, effective business meetings


Business meetings help in setting targets, discussing issues and enables better co-ordination between team members. However, there are times when team members end up daydreaming or fall asleep during meetings. This could further affect the productivity at work.

So, what’s the solution? You need to realize the need for shorter meetings that could efficiently boost the energy and get co-workers interested in the company’s goals.

Here are some tips to help you conduct short, but effective meetings:

Define the purpose: ‘Why is the meeting important?’ ‘How can we contribute to it?’ Co-workers are always in search of the above answers. Remember communicate the purpose of the meeting with your team members via email.

Start the meeting on time: Make sure you begin the meeting on the scheduled time. Maintain a zero-tolerance policy toward latecomers.This can help your team members know that every minute is precious and each one needs to be punctual.

Set an agenda and stay focused: Make a list of points that needs to be discussed. Set an agenda for the meeting. While discussing goals in an effective manner, your team members might share creative ideas and solutions. Be open to it, note it down in a diary and get back to the agenda. Stay focused on the agenda in order to make the business meeting shorter and effective.

Ban personal gadgets: Constant messaging, calls and app alerts could create distractions. While discussing different goals, make sure your phones are switched off.

Watch the clock: Make sure you devote maximum one hour to business meetings. It will help your team members stay focused. Extending the time of the meeting may divert the attention of your team members. Also, several studies prove that scheduling meetings in the morning enables productive meetings. The mind is more alert and people participate more actively in the meeting.

Don’t serve snacks: Serving snacks inside the board room can be messy and a distracting element as well. It’s better you serve food in another room once you get done with the meeting.

Summarize the outcome: Remember to set deadlines, summarize the outcome of the meeting and e-mail a copy of this summary to all your team members. This will help you divide the task equally and keep a track on the work performance.



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