JNU row: Condemning February 9 sloganeering, student bodies slam police ‘witch-hunt’

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JNU row: Condemning February 9 sloganeering, student bodies slam police ‘witch-hunt’


At a press conference Wednesday, student representatives from the All India Students Association, All India Students Federation, Students Federation of India, Chhatra JD(U), National Students' Union of India and other organisations stated that while they condemn the sloganeering at JNU on February 9, they, in equal measure, condemn the “witch-hunt” on the campus by the Delhi Police.

AISF General Secretary, Vishwajeet Kumar, said, “It is clear that the RSS and the BJP government are hell-bent on destroying JNU and everything that it stands for. Kanhaiya was arrested on the basis of a video that proves his innocence, but lawyers and MLAs who have been clearly captured on video hitting journalists, teachers and students are continuing to do so.”

Niraj, AISA vice president, said, “False charges are being levelled against the students and JNU is being branded as a campus of anti-nationals. They want to use lynch-mobs to hide facts, subvert justice and violently crackdown on their political opponents. Systematic attacks on universities have been a trend since this government has taken office. FTII, IIT-Madras, Hyderabad University and now JNU. This is a vicious attack on students who have been raising valid concerns about the BJP's policies.”

Vikram Singh, General Secretary, SFI, said, “The tragic death of Rohit Vemula and all the terrible rhetoric of the BJP in the aftermath has gone out of news and the notion that JNU breeds anti-national activity has successfully entered it.”

Pratyush Nandan of the Chhatra JD(U) said, “We are not going to stop opposing the BJP's line of thought because of these attacks, our voices will only get louder.” In conclusion, the representatives demanded the immediate release of Kanhaiya Kumar and the instant withdrawal of false charges against innocent students of JNU.



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