PM Modi Refers To Rajiv Gandhi In Attack On Congress Over Notes Ban

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PM Modi Refers To Rajiv Gandhi In Attack On Congress Over Notes Ban


Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed supporters at a rally in Uttar Pradesh's Kanpur. Here are the highlights:

for change in Uttar Pradesh. I don't just see the winds of change. I see a storm for change.

If the youth of Uttar Pradesh come together, then nothing can stop India from progressing. Countries with youthful populations progress at a much faster pace.

India has a majority of its population under the age of 35 and this will increase further. Our youth is our biggest strength and will carry India to new heights.

Energy projects have been set up to improve the lives of those in remote areas. Others political parties are busy with their own worries and troubles. They don't have time for the people. Today, you have a government at the Centre which is dedicated to the poor of this country.

We are fighting black money and corruption. We are doing all we can to make a better India. Our agenda is stop corruption, stop black money. But others have an agenda of 'Stop Parliament'. Despite the President of the country telling them to do their job and let Parliament function, they continued to disrupt Parliament. For the first time, the country has seen a government dedicated to punish the corrupt. The opposition parties were seen protecting the corrupt. Those with the habit of malpractice and cheating people of this country will not be allowed to get away anymore.

It is time for Uttar Pradesh to change along with the rest of the country. That will be possible only when you vote for change.

In the All-Party meeting, I told every party that India wants to move towards honesty. I urged every leader to come together and work towards this.

I had said earlier that elections (Lok Sabha and Assembly Polls) are held separately, thereby adding a lot of monetary strain. It also allowed a space for black money to make its way into the system. We should work towards having simultaneous elections for the Centre and the state. We must win the fight we've started against black money, counterfeit money and corruption. People of Uttar Pradesh are tired of Goondaism.

Unaccountable, corruption and doing as they please - this is the functioning style of the Congress. I am happy to say that barring 70-72 villages out of 1600-odd villages, all others have got electricity. These 70-odd villages will also get electricity soon. This was not done in all these years by those who ruled for so many years.

You all know how difficult it was to get a gas cylinder connection. Now that process has become so simple. We have stopped the misuse of urea by the corrupt and have ensured that farmers get their due share. There is a constant surveillance and monitoring being done at all banks. You can see for yourself how many corrupt people are being caught everyday from across the country.

Did you ever see so many corrupt people being caught before? The proof of who is acting against black money and corruption is in front of you.

I said this earlier and today I am repeating myself: The difficulties you all have faced over the last month will go away very soon.

The situation is improving towards normalcy with each passing day. Starting December 25, every day, the government will give Rs 1,000 to 15,000 people using e-payments - 15,000 new people every day.

That means, once someone gets it, they cannot get it a second time. This will happen every day for 100 days. Small traders will be the beneficiaries of this. Digital transactions will put an end to black money. The people of India came together - 125 crore people came together for honesty.

No matter how much one praises, it won't be enough for the great people of India. This is not a success for a Prime Minister, or a success for any political party. It is a success, a win for the people of India.



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