Congress always puts party ahead of the country

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Congress always puts party ahead of the country


On the last day of winter session in Parliament, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday made a case for “Digital India” and said that the digital economy should become a way of life.

Addressing the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP)’s parliamentary party meeting, Modi on Friday also attacked the Congress for not supporting steps taken by the government to curb black money and corruption.

“Prime Minister Narendra Modi (in his address) said that people of the country should make digital economy a way of life. This will be empowering, it will give the poor people their rights and also help combat the evils of black money and corruption,” Union parliamentary affairs minister Ananth Kumar told reporters after the meeting.

The month-long winter session of Parliament has virtually been a washout with neither the government nor the opposition led by the Congress blinking on the issue of demonetisation. While the session began with the opposition demanding Modi’s presence in Parliament during the demonetisation discussion, the latter part was disrupted over corruption allegations against both sides.

Vice-president Hamid Ansari urged the members to introspect on the distinction between dissent, disruption and agitation.

“I had fervently hoped that I would not have to repeat what I said at the conclusion of the session in 2013. Regular and continuous disruptions characterized the session. The symbolism of dignified protest, so essential for orderly conduct of parliamentary proceedings was abandoned. Members were denied the opportunity to seek accountability. Peace prevailed only when obituaries were read. All section of the house need to introspect on the distinction between dissent, disruption & agitation,” he said in the Rajya Sabha.

“The prime minister also talked about the difference between before and now. Earlier governments used to engage in corruption like the Congress’s 2G and 3G scams and the opposition used to make an honest appeal against it. But now, it is the reverse. The ruling party is taking steps to combat corruption and the opposition is speaking against it,” Kumar added.

Modi in his address also added that for the BJP and the National Democratic Alliance (NDA), the country has always been bigger than the party. “But the Congress never thought this way. For them, the party is always higher than the country,” Kumar said quoting the prime minister.



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