Aamir Khan Opens His Arms To Hrithik Roshan’s Kaabil

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Aamir Khan Opens His Arms To Hrithik Roshan’s Kaabil


Kaabil’s trailer has got good response. Aamir Khan is the latest fan of the trailer. But little did we know that this liking will go to an all new extent, where Aamir Khan will incorporate Kaabil’s second trailer while showcasing Dangal in theatres.

Well yes, Kaabil’s second trailer will be out on the big screen when you’ll go to watch Aamir Khan’s Dangal. Clearly Aamir Khan has loved Hrithik’s work in the film. In fact recently at an event, when Aamir was asked about his views on Kaabil, he expressed his liking towards the Roshans and their work elaborately. He said, “ I have been a big fan of Rakeshji from his first film and in fact his first film Madhosh was for my father. I have seen him in action since my childhood. I feel happy that he liked the trailer of Dangal. He is a very lovely and warm person. In fact, I also saw the trailer of Kaabil and liked it very much. I also called up Hrithik and told him the same.”

Aamir had also pointed out why he liked Kaabil’s trailer. He added, “I think a trailer is important for every film. It offers the audience the first insight into a film. It gives the audience a chance to know how the film could be and they can make up their mind whether to watch the film or not. So to cut a trailer of a film is a very important step in the marketing of the film.”

Hmm, looks like Aamir Khan’s decision to attach Kaabil’s next trailer with his film was an obvious choice! So what if the film clashing with Kaabil is Shah Rukh Khan’s Raees (Jan 25,2017)? Aamir’s made his choice!



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