Indrani Mukerjea told Peter about Sheena murder: CBI

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Indrani Mukerjea told Peter about Sheena murder: CBI


The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) informed a special court Saturday that Indrani Mukerjea had given a statement in jail in December 2015 about having allegedly informed her husband Peter Mukerjea that she had murdered her daughter Sheena Bora, on the same night that the crime had been committed. Peter’s lawyer argued in court Saturday, however, that such a statement could not be trusted and that he had nothing to do with the murder conspiracy.

The CBI heard arguments from the defence Saturday,two weeks after Peter applied for bail. The INX Media co-founder has been in jail since November last year, the fourth person to be arrested for Sheena’s murder in 2012.

Opposing the bail plea, the CBI contended that despite having “full knowledge of the murder committed on April 24, 2012”, Peter did not lodge a complaint with the police. He also allegedly misguided his son Rahul Mukerjea, who was engaged to Sheena, about the murder. Instead, the CBI alleged, “Peter made full efforts to conceal the killing of Sheena Bora.” The CBI’s reply added that it need to inspect some more documents belonging to Peter and that if granted bail, he could intimidate witnesses or flee the country.

Senior counsel Amit Desai countered that the chargesheet the CBI filed last year against Indrani, her former husband Sanjeev Khanna and former driver Shyamwar Rai made no mention of Peter.

“The statement comes nearly a month after Peter’s arrest. What is it that happened between the arrest and the day Indrani’s statement was recorded? We don’t know her motives for saying it. Anything can be put in the mouth of Indrani Mukerjea,” he argued.

Desai also rubbished the CBI’s claims that Indrani had informed Peter about the murder during a series of phone calls they exchanged between April 23 and 26, 2012, while the latter was abroad. “The CBI has been in possession of call detail records of Indrani and Peter’s phones since October, when it took charge of the investigation. But they did not find anything suspicious in them,” he said.

Desai further argued that the murder conspiracy had been carried out by Indrani with the aid of her former husband and not the current one. “He cannot be involved because he loves his son too much,” he argued. The CBI will argue its opposition to the bail application Monday.



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