2016 Yearly Tarot Predictions by Mita Bhan

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2016 Yearly Tarot Predictions by Mita Bhan


A tarot card reading can help you placate your frenzied mind, give clarity to your clouded thoughts and will definitely help you to give a new perspective towards life. Everyone can use a little help during those distressing times or when we are not sure about which path to take. Wondering what the cards hold for you inthe upcoming year - 2016? 2016 tarot card reading is out on the table now!! astroYogi opens up your tarot reading for 2016 so that you know what the future has in store for you. Prepared by celebrity Tarot Card Reader - Mita Bhan, these 2016 Tarot Readings give you every detail on the year ahead. Tarot 2016 predictions will give you a relevant and an exciting reading into your future. So allow the deck of cards to predict all the possibilities for the coming time.


Just like humans get older, souls too evolve to higher levels of consciousness. 2016 sees you wiser and more powerful than ever before in terms of spiritual growth. A wonderful year for students or those who want to go overseas for further studies, the cards promise gains and glory. All forms of learning are favored this year. An elder male may prove to be a great ally or mentor so it would be in your best interest to follow his advice. Singles may find themselves committing to their partner, and if engaged, this is the year for wedding bells. In terms of finances, the cards urge you not to take unnecessary risks, and focus instead on the tried and trusted. Play by the rules when it comes to buying, selling or investing. Regardless of temptations, don’t succumb; the price will be too high to pay later on. A year for letting go of toxic, fake relationships you’ll find yourself relating to and reaching out to connect with people and groups of a similar wavelength and philosophy.

Lucky Colour - Navy Blue
Lucky Crystal - Iolite

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If the past has been cloudy, expect rays of sunshine in the year ahead. Your hard work pays off. And you realize the reward of patience and tenacity are well worth it. Your mood may become more optimistic as you learn to let go of the past and take steps to recreate your life, beginning with yourself. A wonderful year for children and if you haven’t any, then do reconnect with your inner child. Promotions, increments, profits rule the days ahead, one word of advice, remember the good times don’t last so do save for a rainy day. For those willing to strike out on your own, you may decide to start your own consultancy or business. Jobseekers get good news. And if you were planning on the holiday of a lifetime, this is the year to enjoy it. Take care of your health especially if you are outdoors a lot. Nothing serious, but don’t ignore the symptoms in the early stages. A friend could turn into a lover. Married couples can look forward to a joyful addition in the family. Singles may feel like they’ve come close to finding “the one” but the cards ask you not to rush into a commitment before getting to know them better.

Lucky Colour - Orange
Lucky Crystal - Carnelian

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2016 brings out your sensitive, intuitive, nurturing side like no other year. Your inner voice speaks louder than ever, so do listen to your own gut, it won’t let you down. You may also choose to withdraw a little from socializing or prefer to hang out in a smaller group of friends. Old relationships that no longer serve your growth will be forgotten and you may make friends with a powerful and influential woman. Don’t suppress your feelings as it can only make you feeling bad about yourself. Express your anger by explaining, show your love and look forward to a year of closer ties with special friends. A wonderful year for deepening bonds of love, or finding a new love, 2016 promises a lot of emotional highs along the way. At work, you may discover your passion or realize that when you’re really happy doing what you love, you earn more. Finances appear to be stable. And if there are any challenges it will be your mood swings. Try not to give in too much your energy or allow yourself to get overwhelmed by other people’s demands. It will only leave you cranky and tired. This is a good year to learn how to make conscious efforts to relax and access your intuition.

Lucky Colour - Light Grey
Lucky Crystal - Moonstone

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The worst is over. The days ahead bring in gradual hope and recovery. If you’ve been ailing or suffering from financial losses, 2016 promises better days. But you will need to be



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